Flashlights are one of the products that we do not appreciate without needing them and can be life-saving in your difficult times.
We have adopted the existence of electricity so much that we cannot even imagine its absence. It is almost as important to us as air, water and food. But there is a huge infrastructure that provides this support. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this infrastructure will continue to function properly in the event of a disaster.

In such cases, flashlights produced to make your life easier have a much greater importance than you think. Flashlights, which undertake great duties in extremely important and basic issues such as first aid, search and rescue, survival, deserve to be in everyone's home or bag at the very moment we come.

Flashlights, like many technological products, have dozens of options according to their usage areas and needs. If you think about in what situations you might need a flashlight and think of the worst scenarios, you will realize that a single flashlight is not enough for you. Models with different usage characteristics should be preferred for different areas.

Charged or battery powered?

One of the most important issues where flashlights differ in terms of features is the power supply. Many lantern manufacturers also produce models that use two types of power supplies, taking into account customer preferences. In this case, the preference is determined according to the needs and wishes of the users.

For example, the power supply of a flashlight that works using a pen battery is easily available from anywhere and with the stocks made, how long you will use the flashlight in the absence of electricity is determined by you. The fact that we don't need a new charging process to keep using the flashlight makes you even more vulnerable to lack of electricity.

However, the models that you need to charge often offer more light power with their more powerful batteries. In general usage, it offers both longer and more light power compared to models that work directly with pen batteries.

Flashlights and LED technology

Note that flashlights no longer use ordinary light bulbs. Thanks to the developing LED technology, almost all flashlight manufacturers now benefit from long-lasting, economical and durable LED bulbs.

However, it should be noted that mastering LED technology is a bit challenging and requires extra work. As with many products and services, although the price of quality products reaches considerable amounts, the total amount of light offered by these products and the range of access increases at the right rate with the price tags.

It can also help you with "production standards" LEDs, which affect many production areas. It is useful to choose flashlights with these standards that answer clear questions such as which LED can produce light with which lumen value for how long.

Durability and variety of use

First of all, it would be best to choose models that have proven themselves in terms of waterproofing or falling from height.

Flashlights are used in a wide range of areas from law enforcement to outdoor activities, from EDC to hunting activities. Therefore, it is more than just a tool that can be used when needed. Try to include them in your daily life or hobby activities rather than constantly carrying or keeping the product with you in the hope that 'I will use it one day'.

As you start using flashlights, you will notice how much easier your life is. Of course, make your flashlight full again as a result of these uses. Then don't forget to keep it ready for use anytime, anywhere!